Presence of High Quality Visual Content

Here is a case study to recognize. Over the past few years we’ve found there is a great need for specialized video marketing services for Real Estate professionals. Creating a successful real estate business usually takes years of effort and dedication. These business owners have the opportunity to wear several hats while maintaining relationships and keeping the pipeline flowing smoothly all at the same time. It’s unfortunate that about 90% of all Real Estate agents are failing to maximize their online marketing efforts and are still living in the days of ‘PRINT’ mail.
The amount of trust between a buyer or seller client and their agent is nearly priceless considering the possible re-sale or purchase the typical homeowner will experience in their lifetime. The financing end of things is a whole separate conversation.
What it truly boils down to is to understand the business model at a 10,000 ft level. The overview is simple – Business consists of two main things which are Marketing and Innovation.
Business equals marketing plus innovation

Understanding the power of search in the real estate industry and the behavior of the modern consumer who is ready to buy or sell a home is where we notice the highest demand for training services. How do we capture the attention from our next buyer or seller using the web?

Keep it Simple!

They say the typical real estate website is used for ‘home search’ and ‘contact info’. All the other bells and whistles are not very necessary especially with a confusing site with the usual link overload and unnecessary content. It a site is too busy people will bounce and most likly go with or zillow for search simplicity. I believe this because I’ve done it several times but on a positive note the MLS CRM system seems to be reliable with email search updates once a client has already opt-in to service.

 Video is the sharpest Marketing tool in the shed!

Have you ever looked at an old tool box and noticed rusty tools that still work but are less attractive? Personally, I’d much rather grab the big shiny chainsaw or start up the new zero-radius lawn mower to get the job done efficiently. This is the same with video and using it as a content creation tool for your business. Now lets be serious here, we are not looking to create the next featured film for your website even though an ad agency in the city is willing to charge nearly 5-10k per web video. Utilize the free-est of free tools the world wide web has to offer and if you truly need to pay a video or web guy, make sure you are paying a reasonable price for the service 🙂

Wellness Marketing – Personal Blueprint | VLOG#6

While enjoying our morning smoothie on the way to the office, Jessica and I took some time to discuss some recent concepts we truly believe in “Wellness Marketing”.


Building a strong character is the foundation of overall personal wellness and these actions directly correlate with your daily habits.

With the numerous ways to find relevant information about ‘health’ on the internet, we easily get distracted with what is truly important. By listening to Tony Robins lately, we’ve been inspired especially by his concept of ‘Defining your Personal Blueprint’. Each and every person on this earth has a vision of what ‘Success’ is or what it takes to become successful with both tangible and intangibles.



Defining your blueprint needs to become a realistic expectation. Sometimes there are obstacles that add wisdom once challenged. Marketing these concepts truly come from the heart from experiences by influential people in this world.


Video Email Marketing | VLOG #5 | Embedding vs. Hyperlink Thumbnail

Hey everyone, It’s John comin-atcha with Video Log # 5 giving my feedback on video within email marketing and the benefits. I’ve been doing a lot of research and would like to overview the practice of embedding video within email versus using a hyperlinked image thumbnail redirect. These are some techniques I use on a daily basis to enhance communication across a large database of contacts.

I feel is that it’s very important to at least have a thumbnail that resembles a video player using a “play button” on the image. Embedding video within your email is still very new to a majority of mobile devices considering how their operating system limits the ability view videos that are embedded in the email message.

A new technique to enhance conversions consists of using an animated .GIF file as the video thumbnail. Take a listen to the video version of this conversation.

Video Email Marketing – VLOG # 5

Calling it to the Action using the Thumbnail

Below is a recent video email campaign example of how I was able to use a static video thumbnail for the call to action along with a “text” link.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.03.44 AM

This email was sent to approximately 151 quality subscribers. Out of those 151 people, there was a 63% open rate 40% click rate.

Email Marketing stats


Considering how a video thumbnail is reliable and avoids any video embedding issues within the email, the text video link is a great backup plan if the email receiver cannot not view the email with the image. There are many factors tied into this process so it’s always good to add the extra link and analyze the data.

The Top link (Image Thumbnail) received 56% of total clicks vs. the bottom (Text) link at 44%.

Email Marketing Click Performance


This study proves that the visual link performs better than the text link for video email marketing. The receiver is ready to view a message and therefore clicks the Call to Action that resembles the message ready to be played.

Real Estate Video Marketing | VLOG # 4 | Hyperlapse Overview

On Sept. 13th, 2014 – Baby Ariel Ella Ledford was born. The photo below was our first photoshoot – Life is pretty dang good right now!


Ariel Baby photos


On another note, take a view of vlog # 4 where we discuss updates on our Real Esate Video Marketing services along with some unique technique “Hyperlapse” we’ve been testing lately.

New Social Search Platform | VLOG # 3 | Google Hangouts On Air

A three year old social search platform called Google Plus has caught my interest lately by new methods of communication. Google has accumulated the inside information on what web surfers are viewing and care about to create its own social layer network. Google purchased YouTube and now offers Google+ and Hangouts on Air features to tap into the vibrant social media sphere. Here are the benefits of Google Hangouts and Plus.

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Selling products and services online should be a seamless, fun process. Most people just want to enjoy time spent with others when they visit the World Wide Web. Social media sites allow for this to happen.

As these websites have grown, Google has followed the tremendous popularity. Google keeps voluminous records on all the keywords and where web surfers are visiting. Tapping into this social media craze is a great way to increase profits.

Google Plus Connects All Of Its Systems Together

As the Google brand grows, it has added a nice portfolio of online functionality – search engine, video and email. The Google + social networking concept allows you to share any experience on any of these systems with your close friends. Plus is not just one social media site, it is a social layer on top of the web.

By joining the Google+ system, you can just click on the “+” (plus sign) to share with your friends. This Plus system also gives you more advanced control over your friends, called Circles. Some friends are closer than others.

Google Plus has taken the basic structure of the social media platform and created a more complete experience. While watching a video on YouTube or conversing via Gmail, you can hit the + button and share your experiences. Google offers a superior social layer experience.

Membership Has Its Privileges At Hangouts On Air

More individuals using mobile devices, smart phones and tablets have enabled modern video production. Google Hangouts on Air allows Google + members to share their local events on YouTube live. These features, as well as video SEO increase the number of visitors to your website.

Google has given its social layer members plenty of privileges, benefits and perks. Along with HTML5 video, the technology for World Wide Web videos is taking off. Corporate executives can use video marketing for a new brand launch, press release or customer appreciation event. Google has added its own social media layer on top of the World Wide Web.

XML Sitemaps for Videos – Recap

I did some research and learned about ‘XML Sitemaps for videos. I believe it’s a probably a developer that created this plug-in for WordPress that Google easily can find your videos on your website.

This plug-in is essential to drawing visitors to your specific WordPress platform that has relevant content on a specific subject. If you’re trying to sell something, or if you’re trying to getting contact with people, or if you’re just a marketer; really whatever it is that you specialized in. This plug-in helps really tie a stronger knot in your website for a videos with your website.

The way I looked at it since I’m a visual learner; if I were to draw a picture of a house, and if I were to put something on that house, kind of like a solar panel because it’s another feature that can give you more enhancements to your house. You can get better energy from it. You can fixate that solar panel on the roof and literally it won’t be connected to your house, right? Just and added feature. So unless you wire that solar panel into your house to help it improve its own electricity, that solar panel is no good.

On the outside it’s an added feature to your website. It doesn’t really add any value other than the visual content. But within the way that Google inboxes and sends out butts to your site, this plug-in will actually with just a few clicks be able to say “Hey, go ahead and put all this video information in my website”. Once it creates that data within your site, we’re going to send a message over to Google and invite them to a party to celebrate solar energy. If that helps in anyway, I really hope it really kind of paints a picture for you too.

Also if you look at the front end of a pretty much a sales cycle, we bring in clients because they want a video. Now, what are they trying to do with that video if it’s they’re trying to promote a product, whatever it is; usually they have to either direct them to specific location physically or you need to direct them to a page that either gets that contact in contact with you or our client, or it directs them to a checkout button for e-commerce purposes.

Realistically when we look back at the whole ‘Bird’s eye view’ perspective of our sales cycle, we have the ability to offer video optimization for specific clients because really they may or may not know what to do with those videos once produced. The way that I looked at it, every little thing helps especially when you’re having competition out there and that competition is fierce with content that’s already been created before. If it hasn’t then you have found a new niche.

Our latest clients are clients that mainly are in the real estate industry. I want to be completely honest, it’s probably one of the hardest, most competitive markets out there with all these people especially in South-East Michigan doing as much as kind of capitalized on a quality keywords, so the competition is fierce.

If you’re able to create compelling content and post that content to your webpage and that webpage is able to send information out to Google with just a few clicks away, it’s another reason why we can start working with people and driving them towards either a hosting service, web development and content creation / delivery. We know how to do all of those and it’s another reason / incentive to work with the clients “WE” want to work with.

John Ledford

Snowboarding Workout at Mt. Brighton, MI using Runkeeper App

I was on my way to Mt. Brighton and was thinking about new video marketing topics. This “Snowboard Workout” idea came across when I analyzed my snowboard routine and how I’ve been recently tracking the distance snowboarding using an iPhone app called Runkeeper. The goal of this this video to help inspire others to use snowboarding as a healthy activity in the winter season.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.13.29 PM

“You get so warmed up that you basically just feel more attached to your board and ready to shred.” – JL

Snowboarding is actually an amazing cardio workout when you keep moving using the tow-rope.The cool thing is that your endurance increases when you keep your legs moving. Usually when I ride park out here in Michigan, I try to mainly stay in the tow-rope park area mainly for this purpose. I’ve actually tracked 20+ miles in a single day numerous times but for this particular film day, time was running short.

Smile John
John Smiles for the camera

The complete snowboarding workout consisted of a good 30-40 minute stretch before driving to the slopes and was ready to get moving for another hour long shred session. GoPro shots were completely  hand held throughout the video. I’m not really a big fan of  using accessories too much, just kept it simple right in my pocket when I didn’t need it. With music in my ears and my adrenaline pumping I was able to come up with a new line.

John Ledford

Happy 2014! It’s a Personal Brand New Year

Hello All!

Just want to send out this quick post to share some quick thoughts about the new year ahead…

The new beginning to some is life changing. To me it feels like a motivator. We’ve been hearing all the 2014 hype via podcasts / audiobooks and learning the new tactics about building a personal brand. This concept is by far our most important factor in our marketing plan for the new year.

Interactions with users are important. Creating strong content is great but what it boils down to is creating a solid character and portraying that character using  digital media.

We created a visual to help guide us with planning content development and delivery to our various social media applications. All great advice from top producers 🙂